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Confidence & resilience: Role Models expand with schools

We are delighted to announce that Role Models is expanding its service offering for schools following successful partnerships with schools in Wandsworth and Kingston.

Here at Role Models, we have successfully adapted our highly acclaimed [Link href="http://www.rolemodels.me/events/surbiton-prep-confidence-resilience-school-programme/" text="Confidence & Resilience Courses] – these can be integrated into the school curriculum or indeed structured as an After School Club for pupils in Years 3 – 7. Our [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/skills/confidence/" text="Confidence] & [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/skills/resilience/" text="Resilience] Course helps build and develop children’s character in a fun and creative environment. The pupils are presented with a series of challenges to provide each child with an armoury with which they can build their confidence and solve most problems thrown their way.

Leadership Programme

We are also excited to introduce our new unique [Link href="http://www.rolemodels.me/events/leadership-programme/" text="Leadership Programme] which will roll out in schools in 2017. This is targeted at slightly older children, aged 11-14, with the aim of nurturing young leaders with the passion, character and skills to make a positive difference in the world.

Contact us

If you would be interested in finding out more what Role Models can offer your school, please contact us at info@rolemodels.me and we will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

Do also let us know if you would like [Link href="https://www.rolemodels.me/about-us/meet-the-team/hugo-shephard/" text="Hugo Shephard], Founder of Role Models, to do one of his engaging and interactive assembly talks at your school. This is especially suited to pupils in Years 3 and above and Hugo discusses the importance of character and ‘life skills’. Do contact Hugo directly at Hugo@rolemodels.me.

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