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Finally, the Government is catching up

iNews published an article commenting on a new initiative put forward by the Minister for Education Damian Hinds to encourage children to be more independent and resilient. The idea is to create a “bucket list” of things that children should do before leaving primary school, such as climbing trees, learning to knit, spend a night sleeping in a tent and other activities aimed at developing skills which cannot be taught in the classroom.

In the words of Damian Hinds: “Qualifications are obviously not the only thing, and I tend to think the difference is everything you can’t write on a certificate – drive, tenacity, sticking with the task at hand. And being able to bounce back from the knocks that inevitably come to all of us.”

Yes Damian! We have been working with children for over 5 years to help them develop exactly these skills, and more. We believe Resilience and Leadership are fundamental to help children become successful adults, but we also help them develop the ability to collaborate effectively and think creatively as this makes them good members of society. Children are growing up in a difficult world and we pride ourselves in being the guides that can help as many of them as possible navigate the difficulties they face and make the world a better place for their own children.

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