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Helping children understand their feelings - book recommendations

Helping your child identify, understand and accept a range of big feelings can be difficult. Check out these book recommendations for supporting your child’s emotional literacy.

in my heart

For ages 3-5: In My Heart

Author: Jo Witek

In My Heart explores a range of different emotions, happiness, sadness, bravery, anger, shyness and many more. The focus is on what each emotion feels like physically inside, for example: ‘When I get really angry, my heart feels like it’s going to explode! Don’t come near me! My heart is yelling, hot and loud. This is when my heart is mad.’

For ages 5-7: Ravi's Roar

Author: Tom Percival

A fantastic story about how Ravi sometimes loses control of his temper and when this happens the tiger from within is unleashed. Being a tiger is great fun at first – tigers can do anything they want… but who wants to play with a growling, roaring, noisy wild tiger who won’t share or play nicely? Ravi learns how to express and understand his feelings.

Tom Percival has 5 different books in this ‘Big Bright Feelings’ range and they are all fantastic.

Your mood journal

For ages 8-10: Your Mood Journal

Author: Fearne Cotton

This book provides a toolkit for children looking to explore their emotions and build confidence in communicating their feelings. The book includes activities which help children learn about their different moods and how they make their mind and body feel, with lots of space to write, draw, create and have fun along the way!

For ages 11-13: My Emotions Journal

Author: Lilly's Journal

This book provides a safe place for tweens to express their frustrations and emotions. The simple journal format provides your child with an outlet for their emotions in a creative way, through writing and drawing.

my emotions journal
Nurture your Childs EQ

For Parents: Nurture Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Author: Dr Anne Lane

In this book, clinical psychologist and family therapist Dr Anne Lane helps parents teach their children the crucial life skills that create emotional intelligence. She gives tools and advice to help your child accept and understand their emotions.

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