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Raising confident children: How tuition can help

The last academic year has certainly been turbulent and students have dealt marvellously with the challenges presented to them; nonetheless, building and maintaining a child’s confidence is more important than ever. Tuition can be a valuable tool in giving students that confidence, helping celebrate achievements, target areas of doubt, and unlock a child’s full potential.

How can tuition increase confidence?

Performing well at school is a common source of anxiety for children, particularly around exam season. All the work done over the previous years is tested where not only content matters, but exam technique. Sometimes, students can do well in class, yet their exam results do not reflect their ability. Expert tuition is an incisive tool that allows students to understand “how” as well as “what” and achieve the grades they deserve.

Regular tuition sessions can help target any areas that need focus, helping students improve in subjects they feel nervous about. Many of our clients come back to us with stories of their child going from struggling in a subject to performing best out of their class! A boost like that does wonders for a child’s confidence, as they see themselves on par with their peers. If your child is overwhelmed with schoolwork, struggling in certain areas, or nervous about a particular set of assessments, their confidence may suffer. Organising a tutor can help combat these fears and increase overall self-confidence that will shine through in other aspects of their life.

Beyond that, tuition sessions can also reinforce a student’s strengths, highlighting and celebrating achievements more regularly. While a student might know what their strong suits are, having an additional source beyond a parent or teacher tell them they are doing well adds to this self-image.

What do our tutors do?

A tutor can also help unlock a student’s potential, allowing them to flourish. Many people engage tutors to focus on specific areas that need encouragement or support, however tuition can also benefit children and their confidence in other ways.

Regular tuition sessions often help students direct their learning, aiding with skills like time management and goal setting. Our tutors might help our students set [Link href="https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/smart-goals.htm" text="SMART goals], encourage [Link href="https://www.cambridge-community.org.uk/professional-development/gswal/index.html" text="active learning], or introduce time management techniques such as [Link href="https://www.themuse.com/advice/take-it-from-someone-who-hates-productivity-hacksthe-pomodoro-technique-actually-works" text="Pomodoro]. Having a tangible direction makes achieving milestones that much more realistic.

These sessions also help identify a student’s learning style. A tutor will always ensure they plan their lessons and teaching around a child’s learning style, be that kinaesthetic, aural, or visual; if learning is made to work for your child, they will pick it up more quickly, enjoy it, and believe in their own abilities.

Sometimes all a student needs is a little bit of guidance and motivation to begin excelling and recognising their own abilities and knowledge. As neither teacher nor parent, tutors can be uniquely positioned to provide another motivational force for a student.

The Ivy Education Difference

We know how important finding the right tutor is. At Ivy Education, we get to know your individual needs and expectations for tuition before conducting a full search to find the perfect tutor for each student. We only work with the best professional [Link href="https://www.ivyeducation.co.uk/about/senior-tutors" text="tutors] in the UK, selected through a rigorous process that also includes stringent safeguarding checks.

Established in 2010, Ivy Education has been supporting students with all aspects of their academic education for the last ten years, and we understand how important confidence is to that journey. We are delighted to be partnered with Role Models, who provide a wonderful pastoral complement to our services.

Read more about Ivy Education’s tuition services [Link href="https://www.ivyeducation.co.uk/tuition" text="here].

This article was written by/in conjunction with [Link href="https://www.ivyeducation.co.uk/" text="Ivy Education], a premium education agency providing tuition, consultancy, and assessments.

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