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Role Models offer bespoke childcare tailored to you in the holidays

Premium Childcare Provider

The holidays are only just around the corner, which means that many families are getting ready to go on a holiday abroad, or wondering how to keep the children amused on a Staycation at home. For many parents, a holiday with children can be a stressful time since it can often involve having to constantly plan and supervise activities for their children, not leaving much time for them to have a break themselves. [Link href="http://www.rolemodels.me/" text="Role Models], London’s leading premium childcare provider could well be the solution, not to mention a welcome escape from the confines of the usual Kids Club.

role model and kid with painted faces

Creative Childcare

Role Models offers [Link href="http://www.rolemodels.me/creative-childcare/" text="creative childcare] with a difference; offering engaging, ongoing after school, part-time, holiday and ad-hoc childcare. Role Models all have extensive childcare experience and are able to accompany families on holidays abroad or throughout the UK, to offer an extra pair of hands, wherever they may be needed, allowing parents to get the break they deserve, whilst the children are happily entertained.

In addition to their childcare experience, each Role Model is uniquely talented in music, drama, art or sport. Many Role Models speak several languages and are able to help prepare meals or assist with homework. Their range of talents means that it is possible to find a Role Model whose skills match the interests of your child or children, so for instance, a musical Role Model can be matched to a musical child. This means that the child benefits from the Role Model's knowledge and expertise, whilst still having fun.

Last year as an example, one of their male Sporty Role Models kept two energetic boys entertained with water sports during their holiday in the Bahamas. It’s worth noting that even if your holiday has been planned for months or is in a destination that is really far away, it is still possible to book a last-minute Role Model to come with your family and assist with your childcare needs.

Cugo Gran

Role Models is now collaborating with luxury villa [Link href="http://cugogranmenorca.com/" text="Cugó Gran] in Menorca to offer in-house childcare support to guests staying there. Guests can now choose to have a Role Model fly out to [Link href="http://cugogranmenorca.com/" text="Cugó Gran] and offer expert childcare, whilst parents make the most of the stunning surroundings and incredible facilities.


Role Models also recently partnered with [Link href="https://www.quintessentially.com/" text="Quintessentially]; a luxury lifestyle management and concierge service who can organise anything from last-minute restaurant reservations to bespoke travel itineraries. Role Models offers creative childcare to Quintessentially members both at home and abroad.

In addition to booking a Role Model for the school holidays, one or more Role Models can also be booked for personal one-off events such as weddings. The Role Model accompany the family to the event venue as well as entertain the children once there. Our Role Models are also very adept at keeping children occupied and entertained during the speeches, so there’s no disruption.

Child shows plate to role model

Role Models can provide ad-hoc in-home childcare to provide cover during the school holidays or after school when parents are at work. Whether they are working for just a short period of time, or are working for a family on a regular basis, each Role Model will provide fun, creative and engaging childcare for their charges.

Every Role Model has extensive childcare experience and has been DBS and referenced checked. Role Models are available throughout the UK and are willing to travel as necessary.

For further information on Role Models Childcare please visit www.rolemodels.me. To make a booking you can also email will@rolemodels.me or call 020 3637 7107.

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