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There is money in passion

I was recently discussing a child with one of their parents. “It’s a shame she’s so passionate about dance. There’s no money in it,” they said to me. I wasn’t sure at all about that, so I duly went home to do a bit of research. I put [Link href="https://www.michaelflatley.com/about/" text="‘Michael Flatley’] (he of Riverdance fame) into my lovely search engine and quickly discovered his net worth is well over £200m. I guess there is money in dance after all.

It’s an output, not an input

The exchange I had that day is not unusual - parents wanting their children to be happily and successfully financially independent. That goal is, of course, a laudable one, but it focuses entirely on the wrong thing. It’s an output, not an input. What I mean by that is that Michael Flatley became incredibly rich because of something, not because he set out to be rich. In his case, a passion for and commitment to dance led him to unimaginable wealth and no doubt a feeling that he was getting paid for something he loved. Love what you do and the rest will follow, as they say.

Creative Childcare

In my business, we offer parents the opportunity to access what we call Creative Childcare through our Role Models. If your daughter loves singing, we will find someone as passionate as her about it to help support and develop that passion. We do this because we believe that all children deserve to be in their element. Their childhood should be a journey of trying to find the things they love and that they are good at. It’s really the only point of school in our opinion.

To make those discoveries, children need to be encouraged to make, explore, design, sing, run, build and make mistakes. Our Role Models exist to help children do all of those things and more. The greatest joy of our job is when we see children flourish through us helping support their passions. No matter who you are, where you live or what background you have, following your passion makes you feel alive and gives you the confidence to take anything forward. Why is that important? Well, because the greatest gift you can give any child is confidence. If you support and develop anyone’s passion in life, it’s amazing how far they can go. Just ask Michael Flatley.

If you’d like to find out more about our Creative Childcare service, then please click [Link href="http://www.rolemodels.me/creative-childcare/" text="here]

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