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What is a Role Model and can I become one?

What is a Role Model?

A Role Model is someone who inspires you.

They are someone who sets a good example and is someone who you admire and want to imitate.

Why are Role Models important for children?

Children are known to be good observers and almost act like sponges. In the sense that they soak up everything they see, feel and experience.

Children learn from example and therefore being surrounded by people who act as good role models is crucial. Children can begin to copy their role models aspirations, ambitions, attitude, personality traits and even likes and dislikes. Children do benefit more from role models who they are in contact with almost everyday such as parents, carers or teachers. If a child is witnessing their parent, carer or teacher illustrating good qualities and actions consistently, it helps them become more of a well-rounded person.

What are some of the characteristics of a Role Model?

  • Resilient: Overcoming adversity and obstacles. Accepting failure and mistakes as a part of life and being able to persevere.
  • Confident: Believing in their abilities and capabilities. Showing that they have the self-confidence to follow their aspirations and dreams.
  • Respectful: Respecting themselves and those around them. Illustrating qualities of understanding and acceptance.
  • Accountable: Taking responsibility for their own actions and recognising consequences. They are able to justify their actions and decisions.

It is very important that a role model not only discusses these characteristics with a child, but also illustrates these through their own daily lives. The child must observe these characteristics being put into practice.

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What is a good Role Model?

A good role model acts as an example and can influence young people to lead meaningful and positive lives.

They illustrate to young people how to live with compassion, integrity and determination. They are confident in their abilities and their achievements but are always striving to grow and develop to become the best version of themselves.

Can I become a Role Model to my children?

Yes! Through consistency and practicing what you preach.

There are many ways to become a good role model to your children such as acknowledging your mistakes, apologising to your child and others when you are wrong, follow through with what you say, treat your child and others with respect and do not pressure yourself to be perfect - allow your child to see that you can find it hard to 'get it right'.

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