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How to Build Resilience in Neurodiverse Children

Tuesday 31st Jan 7:30 - 8:30pm

A 45 minute free online talk exploring how to build confidence, curiosity and healthy responses to challenge.

What you'll learn

  • Strategies to support children during setbacks and difficulties

  • Ways in which confidence and resilience can be developed as a family and within their chosen community

  • An understanding of how to support children in tolerating uncomfortable feelings

Who is the content for

  • Parents, guardians and carers.

  • Ideas shared are relevant for children of all ages.

Open Q&A

  • After the 45 minute webinar there is an Open Q&A

  • Send us your questions in advance when you register!

Laura Kay

Presented by Laura Kay

Laura is our Head of Character Education, having joined Role Models in May 2021. She has over 12 years teaching experience and has also studied Psychodynamic Therapy, which she has used to enhance her practice working with both children and families.

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Louise Treherne and Laura Kay hosted the Role Model's webinar on "Helping your child Let go of Perfectionism".

Our education experts shared relevant ideas for children of all ages and explored strategies for dealing with 'big feelings' such as anger, frustration, upset, and jealousy. They also explored how these strategies help to build emotional resilience in your child, so they are ready to embrace mistakes and navigate smoothly through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

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Laura Kay and Brigid Shine hosted the Role Model's webinar on "How to help your child manage big feelings".

This free parent webinar explored 10 strategies to support you child to manage 'big feelings' such as sadness, anxiety, jealousy and anger.

"Really really fantastic talk. I was tired and stuck it on in the background and then found it fascinating! Everything resonated! Great for our family and for my work (local GP)! Thank you!" - Dr Lucy R

Watch back our November webinar in full

Laura Kay and Frances Waller explored how to build a resilient family in the modern world.

  • Why resilience is such an important skill to foster in your family in 2022.

  • What it means to be resilient.

  • Ways to develop resilience.

  • How embedding resilience can support your family.

✋ School leaders

Ofsted recommends that schools "seek to engage parents and their community thoughtfully and positively in a way that supports pupils’ education"

(Ofsted Guidance for Schools, 2022).

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We are passionate about equipping educators and parents alike with the tools to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of all pupils and help them fulfil their academic potential.