Our Recent Reviews

This is Keyen's 2nd week and he LOVES it! Miss McGuire challenges kids to think innovatively to solve problems for everyday situations that one may not think of. He can't wait for his next class!
Mekia, 20th January, Online Creative Problem Solving Course
This was fun and engaging. Helps children feel good about their strengths and learn how they can contribute. Instructor was great! Related well to the kids and was engaging
Elise, 17th January, Online Leadership Session
My child loved this course! The instructor was thoughtful, engaging and took our child's needs and mindset into consideration
Manju, 31st December, Online Leadership Course
What an excellent course! Our instructor, Courtney is marvellous. My bright kid is a perfectionist and this life skills course is what he needed the most - the skills of critical thinking and problem solving, I think will be extremely helpful when he encounters frustrations. the content of this course is well structured and the instructor interacted with my kid in a very interesting way. The instructor had a good rapport with my kid and gave feedback and supporting top to me right after each class so we can practice it in our daily life
Lilly, 13th December 2021, Online Creative Problem Solving Course
Fabulous class. This teacher seamlessly tailors some pretty big concepts to the age group and my child remained captivated the entire time despite the longer time frame.
Adrienne, 11th December 2021, Brilliant Me & My Mind
My son really enjoyed processing his experiences with Miss Alicia and said he is looking forward to the next class
Melinda, 3rd December 2021, Online Leadership Course
We are always impressed with the content of the session, and today Rosna was great. Thank you. My son is quite keen on the sessions and the activities.
Pencka, 30th November 2021, Online Resilience Course
Informative sessions, highly motivating and engaging. Rosie was awesome.
Pencka, 23rd November 2021, Online Resilience Course
It was an extremely engaging and informative session. My son who is usually shy and needs encouragement was impressed with the discussion and the activities.
Pencka, 9th November 2021, Online Resilience Course
It is relevant and on point with amazing instructors.
Sara, 5th November 2021, Online Collaboration Session
My son really had fun and is hoping to join another one with the same classmates and teachers! He sure did learn a lot. Thank you so much for accommodating him.
Ancella, 8th November 2021, Online Leadership and Exploring My Personal Strengths Taster Session
The course introduced him to the idea that he has the ability to influence his future and not just be a passive spectator of his own life.
Laure, 2nd November 2021, Online Leadership Course
Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the course and has asked us to sign her up for the next one. We were really impressed by the variety of skills and activities the course had. Highly recommend it.
Sumedha, 2nd November 2021, Brilliant Me & My Ideas Offline Course
The content is well-prepared and appropriate, but most of all the role model would feed in their own strong experience and ideas when discussing how to apply the content and ideas - especially how they would work out in real life situations.
Harald, 30th October 2021, Online Leadership Course
All your lessons are well organised and always meet most of the areas that I expect. Children are involved in all parts and always affect positive behaviour.
Nushin, 30th October 2021, Online Leadership Course
Ben was an amazing role model. He was very patient with our son especially when he was extremely tired after his morning classes. Besides this, he was extremely friendly and his great attitude made our son keep asking when his next class is going to be - so definitely will return as a future customer! Thank you
Konrad, 29th October 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Confidence Course
My son really enjoyed this class! He drew dragons to represent his emotions, and continued to draw more after the class. This has been incredibly helpful for both of us!
Amy, 26th October 2021, Managing My Big Emotions Taster Session
My son loved it - definitely signing up for the ongoing classes
Karishma, 25th October 2021, Online Leadership Session
My daughter actively participated with her own thoughts. So I trust she really grew, by being more confident to remember and apply her skills in real-life situations. It's always a pleasure to listen to how she referred to her sessions afterwards - she was cheerful and it seems the session was like a valve where she would be able to review situations she hadn't been able to completely reflect with anyone else before. Thanks for providing so much valuable and experienced input and working with my daughter this week!
Harald, 18th October 2021, Online Leadership Session
I loved the Yet cards! I think these are so helpful for my son! He and I love your sessions! We can see your passion for teaching every session.
Adriana, 18th October 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Mind Session
My son loves this class! He looks forward to seeing Teacher Kalia every week and the lessons come with a lot of advice and positivity to help my son socialise well and feel confident. I also appreciate that after each lesson, Teacher Kalia also sends a very comprehensive review of what was covered, as well as some great tips on how to take it forward.
Parita, 17th October 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Confidence Course
We enrolled our son in this class for him to learn life skills. His teacher, Miss Holly, is great at connecting with our son on his level, and he always leaves the class with a big smile on his face, while learning important skills on resilience. Great class, would highly recommend.
Celia, 8th October 2021 Online Resilience Session
My daughter was resistant to do her first session but was more than happy to do her second one. That to me speak lots about how good Suraiya is at holding the kids attention and making them feel at ease.
Leigh, 6th October 2021, Online Resilience Session
I was so impressed both with the content on the day and in the follow ups. My daughter has been quoting the terminology ever since and is doing all she can to push herself into the learning zone and use the tools that were provided. It really was fantastic and I just can't rate it highly enough. Catherine Chambers was also really engaging and kind. The follow up report was really tailored to my daughter and in depth and I really felt that Catherine had understood her.
Gabriella, 22nd September 2021, Offline Resilience Course
This class is very well organized and our role model, Jordan, was so kind and understanding. My learner is 5 years old. So she struggled a bit with the length of the class. But, the role model helped her stay on task with verbal cues and showed LOTS of patience.
Allison, 21st September 2021, Managing My Big Emotions Taster Session
Resilience is key to their futures. It is so important to have the skills to get back up on your feet when being faced with life challenges.
Susan, 19th September 2021, Online Resilience Course
This was such a wonderful class. My daughter liked it so much she even joined one week while we were on a vacation. It is worth to take all 10 lessons. The teacher emailed feedback with follow up activities every week. We are actually going to start doing one activity a week for the next 10 weeks to reinforce the concepts. They go over growth mindset, gratitude, positive thinking, resilience. We are a very growth mindset family, but my oldest has a very fixed mindset and having another caring adult sharing and practicing these skills was very helpful to reinforce these messages!
Lucy, 12th September 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
What a wonderful topic! One that is very close to our hearts, hopefully you can do more over the coming months - so wonderful to learn about innovation at such a bright age, I wish I had!
Rasha, 4th September 2021, Online Creative Problem Solving Course
It’s less about intelligence these days and more about the ability to bounce back. I hear Catherine was excellent.
Gabriella, 3rd September 2021, Resilience Course
My son really enjoyed the class. Ms. Abi provided him with the ability to participate in thought provoking activities while having fun. Additionally, I really appreciated the daily summaries and the out of class assignments. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Mary, 3rd September 2021, Online Leadership Sessions
This is a terrific course. It keeps our five-year-old engaged and has helped him identify his big feelings, which is key as he learns to self-regulate.
Kelly, 2nd September 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Confidence Course
Isabella was a wonderful teacher. Our 9-yr old daughter enjoyed, benefitted, and was challenged in all the right ways by this class.
David, 27th August 2021, Online Creative Problem Solving Course
Being aware that creativity can be developed is fundamental - anything is possible with practice. The little I overheard online sounded engaging and fun. An inspired learner arrived at the dinner table willing to share some nuggets and play new games. An excellent use of a week of summer holidays…!
Madeleine, 24th August 2021, Online Creative Problem Solving Sessions
"Amazing role models (teachers) who are encouraging and patient. The content is structured and engaging, touching on many of the challenges children are facing today. Perhaps the most important class that any kid should attend and learn well."
Caroline, 9th August 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"Our 6-year old has been working with teacher Abi for a few months now, and we can see quite a change in how she handles conflicts and acts on issues that bother them, with confidence. Teacher Abi's influence has been very impactful and we are truly grateful. She also sends after-session reports in great length describing her approach during the session, what our child was asked to respond to, and provides additional materials to follow up with. It's been a pleasure working with her."
Seda, 8th August 2021, Online Brilliant Me and My Confidence Sessions
"Found the session informative and useful, some great techniques discussed to improve emotional resilience"
Rebecca, 28th July 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"Unique class content that was perfect for the summer to help with self esteem building and growth mindset. We had a couple substitute teachers throughout the 10 weeks but they were all engaging and patient. My son really enjoyed this class and was disappointed when they were over!"
Adam, 28th July 2021, Online Brilliant Me and My Mind Sessions
"Great class to build every aspect of a child. My son loved it. We will be definitely going back more sessions."
Kavitha, 28th July 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"How children approach and deal with problems or adversity’s will prove to be a key differentiator throughout their life journey"
Tracey, 19th July 2021, Resilience Course
"Such an important set of skills for a child to learn at an early age to help them tackle learning in a healthy and happy way."
Karen, 17th July 2021, Brilliant Me and My Mind Course
"My daughter enjoyed the class and it allowed her to pinpoint her strengths."
Marchonie, 16th July 2021, Online Leadership Sessions
"My daughter attended three sessions. The first session with Louise was very insightful for us as our daughter opened up to her and told her about how she’s anxious to start in-person school this Fall. This was really good for us to know as now we can start preparing her a bit more for this transition. Overall, I liked the format of these classes. It’s fun with quite a few activities and kids are able to relax and just talk about what really bothers them. It’s scripted but I think it’s necessary to add structure to the class. Thank you to both Louise and Catherine!"
Sangeeta, 15th July 2021, Online Brilliant Me and My Mind Sessions
"Ms Amanda has huge passion and technique to mobilize the kid's emotion. the class is very engaging and educational. My child is fully engaged in the whole one-hour."
Sun, 10th July 2021, Online Brilliant Me and My Feelings Sessions
"The session has been well laid out and organized in the best manner. All the hosts have been very engaging and genuinely interested in imparting knowledge to each individual kid."
Anusha, 9th July 2021, Online Brilliant Me and My Ideas Sessions
"Excellent class! Teachers were great and my son really enjoyed it."
Margaret, 9th July 2021, Online Leadership Sessions
"The quality of the teachers and how the concepts being taught to the kids are fundamental to their mental health."
Grace, 7th July 2021, Online Collaboration Sessions
"Ms. Zarif was very good with the kids and keeps the energy level up. Kids who are hard on themselves or get frustrated easily may really benefit from this class. I learned a few tips myself from what I was able to overhear."
Michael, 26th June 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"My grandson very much enjoyed the class with Shahnaz. The group exercises were fun and informative. Shahnaz was very warm and caring. She helped every student feel valued."
Cynthia, 25th June 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"Highly recommended! The teacher takes difficult concepts and breaks them down in a way that children can understand them. During the first class, my child stepped out to tell me: "I think this class is really going to be helpful". :-) Bonus: the teacher, Shahnaz, followed up each class with a daily recap and helpful notes for parents."
Tracie, 25th June 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"My son said that the teacher Shahnaz was excellent, and he really enjoyed this class! He enjoyed the games led by the teacher, and talked about the lessons. Shahnaz was great at making sure all students participated, felt welcomed to speak, and regulated misbehaving students very well. Highly recommend."
Margaret, 24th June 2021, Online Resilience Sessions
"My son enjoyed it and the concepts seemed to sink in."
Heather, 23rd June 2021, Brilliant Me & My Mind Sessions
"The attention span and focus which Kayra had on this program is the best I have seen of her in the past year. She liked Alex a lot and I also felt that he kept the kids very engaged. Alex you are very good!! Overall a great learning experience which include lots of fun. Thanks for helping our children have fun, something that has been missing from their life during this pandemic."
Gaurav, 1st June 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Mind Session
"Fantastic teacher, great set up and valuable learning message. "
James, 25th May 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Mind Session
"My daughter has had ten invaluable, educational and enjoyable sessions. "
Sheya, 18th May 2021, Online Collaboration Session
"Role Models is great. It teaches big important life skills in a fun safe engaging space. "
Orlagh, 14th May 2021, Online Leadership Session
"My son LOVED this class! He wants to take more with this instructor. He came away happy and positive... just what I was hoping for."
Renee, 9th May 2021, Online Leadership Session
"I loved the topics and my ADHD kids stayed engaged."
Christi, 3rd May 2021, Resilience Online Course
"The class was great. The content is good. Its about leadership qualities and what it takes to become a good leader. I think my child got something out of it."
Nathalie, 26th April 2021, Leadership Online Session
"My three year old really connected with Holly and puppet assistant Mo. I appreciated the exercises in reflection and drawing responses. My kid loved the games, especially the animal charades. It's a great choice as part of the social emotional learning curriculum I'm crafting for my preschooler."
Lauren, 19th April 2021, Marvellous Me Online Sessions
"I am so happy that my son is taking this class! We're only 3 classes in so far, but every time he finishes, he tells me it was a 10 out of 10 and the best class ever. He's learning a lot of the things that I've been trying to teach (gratitude journal, making mistakes is okay, the power of yet) but quite honestly sometimes it helps more coming from someone else than mom ;) Beyond that, the teacher is amazing! She is so sweet, has a way of keeping things interesting for the kids, and she's really created great lessons that go beyond what I have thought to teach him. There are also printable materials which I think is great. Thank you so much Amanda!"
Sarah, 19th April 2021, Resilience Online Sessions
"Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much Anna has enjoyed this course. It was a massive step for her - she is quite anxious, scared of new experiences and has never been on a course on her own before. She absolutely loved it and I am so pleased with the techniques you have taught her, as well as the fact that I am aware of them from your feedback, so I can keep on coaching her about growth mindset etc as we go. She is starting a new school in September, on her own, without any of her current classmates also going, and having done this course so successfully really paves the way for the transition."
Kim, 16th April 2021, UK, Resilience Offline Course
"Said loved the workshop and was focused the entire time! What he learned will stay with him forever."
Lamis, 9th April 2021, Jordan, Online Leadership Course
"My 8 year old daughter is introverted in some societal situations and not able to “free herself” in expressing verbally and emotionally. She is very obedient and always follow my order and she called me (I am her mom), the leader of the family. I really wish she could be confident about her personal strengths and be able to utilize them in different aspects of learning. Through this class, she was able to identify her interpersonal characters well and she had a lot of fun with Amanda. I enrolled my daughter in more classes because we really like this class providing really unique help for kids."
Katrina, 9th April 2021, Resilience Online Session
"Engaging, informative and fun!"
Marian, 7th April 2021, UK, Brilliant Me and My Confidence Online Session
"Here’s a big, belated thank you for all your hard work with Helena at the Role Models camp last week. She absolutely loved it. What a great mix of activities and crafts – all with such well thought-out themes. It was great to be able to find out what she got up to via your daily emails, including photos – though have to say that she filled us in also having clearly enjoyed each day! Having missed so much classroom time this past year, it was great for her to have an extra, somewhat structured but fun, week of learning experiences – thank you!"
Katherine, 6th April 2021, Brilliant Me & My Confidence Offline Course
"My sons enjoyed the class and benefited from the warm/fun yet organized teaching style of the instructor. They learned quite a bit in a short time and it was a nice chance for them to meet other kids around the world."
Kristen, 7th April 2021, Leadership Online Session
"My daughter absolutely loved this class and she really enjoyed it. She said the teacher was an amazing reader. I loved 'Angry monster drawing and anger coping skills. highly recommended!"
Stella, 5th April 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"My son loves this class"
Min, 3rd April 2021, Leadership Online Session
"My 5 year old gave the class a 15 out of 10. I loved her picture of herself when she’s angry. I also like that it’s ok for parents to be there. I’m definitely signing up both my kids for more of these classes."
Lauren, 2nd April 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"Our daughter has taken plenty of online classes, but this was her favorite online class of all time! The instructor was amazing, and she did an incredible job of making the topic fun and engaging. Our daughter learned so much, and she couldn't wait for class to begin each day."
Rachel, 8th April 2021, Resilience Online Sessions
"Said loved the workshop and was focused the entire time! What he learned will stay with him forever."
Lamis, 9th April 2021, Online Leadership Course
"It was wonderful to see the children working together, collaborating and re-connecting following such a long time of being at home. The face-to-face group challenges were a great way for them to socialise now that lockdown is over and to shake off the effects of being isolated. "
Jessica, 29th Match 2021, UK, Collaboration offline Course
"Thank you for a great lesson. Great presentation with lots of opportunities for my son to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative session. This was more than my expectations as usual with Catherine a wonderful teacher both personally and professionally."
Nushin.K, 27th March 2021, Leadership Online Session
"The activities the instructor uses actually do encourage critical thinking. My child is really enjoying this class."
Humaira, 24th March 2021, Creative Problem Solving Online Session
"Superb class! The topic, the approach and the teacher are all of the highest quality. Amanda is consistently hitting the mark by engaging students in important discussions that positively mold their outlook in life and confidence in self. She makes it fun, organized, professional, memorable. Strongly recommended!"
Anonymous, 24th March 2021, Resilience Online Session
"Brilliant lesson and awesome teacher! Another great experience with role models 👌👍"
Nushin, 13th March 2021, Confidence Online Session
"Fantastic opportunity to empower your child to thrive, these are the very fundamental tools that will support your child to flourish and succeed in life."
Shay, 5th March 2021, Resilience and Growth Mindset Online Sessions
"I can’t say enough positive things about this class and Amy, our instructor. My son really loved it and was engaged the whole time! She was flexible in moving times around his schedule. This is his favorite class series so far. He has also shared his learnings and we all have benefited! Thank you!"
Katherine, 5th March 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"The teachers are superb, engaging, manage the kids very well making sure everybody is included and lots of great games and books so the kids feel they are having fun whilst learning at the same time."
Louise, 1st March 2021, UK, Brilliant Me & My Feelings Online Course
"Honestly, I’m totally amazed that he still references both of the techniques he learnt in certain situations when feeling anxious – especially the deep breaths. It’s 100% helped him and in a way I personally wouldn’t have imagined possible for a five-year-old. It also made us, as parents, think about the whole concept of mental health and our kids. Anxiety like this is perhaps even worse for those growing up, and if you can teach them techniques to manage it when they are 5-6 I can see the long-term benefit as absolutely immeasurable – priceless, really.""
Mike, 15th February 2021, Online Marvellous Me Sessions
"Lovely skills to inspire your child, delivered by friendly, professional and competent teacher."
Vicki, 8th February 2021, UK, Creative Problem Solving Online Course
"I appreciate the conscious identification and labelling of feelings, so they can be talked about it and the consequences addressed."
Anonymous, 17th February 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Confidence
"The course leader excelled in drawing answers out of the children and supporting them throughout the session. Her enthusiasm was infectious and the children were completely engaged the entire time. We were absolutely delighted our son could be a part of such a supportive and positive group. Thank you so much."
Anonymous, 17th February 2021, Online Brilliant Me & My Mind Course
"This workshop provides our children with the capacity to reframe their thoughts and in turn create their world as they wish."
Talon, 22nd February 2021, Resilience Online Course
"The role model was so engaging. Our son really enjoyed the session and since homeschooling, I've not seem him get this engaged with an online lesson. The storytelling is fantastic too - the topics so real and tricky and it's just a beautiful and very effective way of helping them understand and manage their feelings / situations etc. Brilliant."
Jackie, 8th February 2021, UK, Online Brilliant Me & My Mind Course
"My daughter really enjoyed this interactive class. She was able to easily participate and feel confident."
Laticia, 23rd January 2021, Online Leadership Session
"My 11 year old thoroughly enjoyed the session and couldn’t believe it was an hour - she thought it went much quicker. Many thanks."
Karrie, 31st December 2020, Online Collaboration Session
"This class made a huge difference for us! I’d recommend it to any child that could use some additional tools to cope with all the changes around 2020. Such a positive part of my daughter’s week!"
Jill, 2nd December 2020, Online Resilience Session
"Wonderful class and teacher! This class offered a great mix of exploring different feelings, the reasons behind certain feelings, and ways for kids to handle them appropriately. There were also lots of activities packed into the session, which kept my daughter engaged the entire time."
Lauren, 9th September 2020, Online Resilience Session