Our Reviews

"Awesome class and awesome tools for young ones to deal with emotions (especially anger). Loved loved loved and will do this again when our daughter turns 5!!"

Christian, 11th January 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session

"The role models are inclusive and engaging and connect with each child individually, inherently recognising when to bring them into the discussion more/less. The children have understood the concepts due to the real world examples provided to bring the subject to life and make it pragmatic and applicable to their own behaviour and social life. The worksheets provided are an excellent way for us as parents to be more involved and reinforce the lessons and keep them alive so the impact is sustained."

Panayota, 3rd January 2021, UK, Leadership Online Session

"My daughter has learned some valuable life skills this week and had lots of fun at the same time."

Melanie, 1st January 2021, UK, Resilience Online Course

"Excellent Class! Excellent Content! Excellent Teacher! Very personable, relevant, fun, authentic, motivating -- the teacher was amazing and this class is really important for kids!"

Anonymous, 31st December 2020, Leadership Online Session

“I think the hour long sessions are a wonderful idea - a great time scale and easy to fit in around other things. It really helps break up the days too! Content has been excellent and both boys have really enjoyed their sessions so far. They've prompted lots of conversations and I think you're inspiring them to think about themselves in different days. We opted for the plus and the follow up emails have been very useful. Without these prompts and activities we wouldn't be having these conversations. We want to know what you've been covering and the email gives us this info and an activity that we can all do together. Thank you!”

Anne-Louise, 20th December 2020, UK, Resilience Online Session

“Carefully selected role models and a well-structured content.”

Harald, 19th December 2020, UK, Leadership Online Session

"This class made a huge difference for us! I’d recommend it to any child that could use some additional tools to cope with all the changes around 2020. Such a positive part of my daughter’s week!"

Jill, 2nd December 2020, UK, Resilience Online Session

"Excellent content to help children with understanding confidence, why it is important to have it, how to build it up. Amazing instructor who was able to get my daughter who was selectively mute to participate in a mock interview.”

Yen, 25th November 2020, UK, Collaboration Online Session

"A truly incredible collaboration. Together with Role Models, young Zainers of tomorrow get themselves set for the future leadership role, one of self awareness and authenticity. So proud to see these little faces understand the true definition of leadership. Thank you to all involved."

Maryam, 22nd November 2020, Jordan, Leadership Online Sessions

"It taught me a lot about honesty, courage, tolerance, integrity and that all those things are very important in life and in our community, to build life skills that promote social and emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking."

Joury (session participant), 20th November 2020, Jordan, Leadership Online Session

"I signed my son Zach up for the Brilliant Me and My Feelings Sessions as he's very shy and sometimes cant express his feelings in the best manner. He thoroughly enjoyed his online sessions, he learnt about 'starfish breathing', drew an 'anger monster', played games and joined in the discussions, to my surprise. The sessions really boosted his confidence and enforced the fact that the ids are brilliant! The sessions leader was energetic, positive and engaging with the children. After the session he asked if he could join every week. That's a winner for me."

Tina, 20th October 2020, Jordan, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session

"Wonderful class and teacher! This class offered a great mix of exploring different feelings, the reasons behind certain feelings, and ways for kids to handle them appropriately. There were also lots of activities packed into the session, which kept my daughter engaged the entire time."

Lauren, 9th October 2020, UK, Resilience Online Session

"My son was fully engaged and came out of the session excited to share his learnings. He was comfortable to share his limitations and was encouraged by the recommendations to tackle any future challenges."

Panayota, 19th October 2020, UK, Resilience Online Session

"My son really enjoyed the session and that there were only a few children there so he felt he could speak up and be heard, which he does not get at school. The session was very well managed with intro games etc. so he enjoyed it as well as learning some great tips. Thank you."

Eve, 19th October 2020, UK, Resilience Online Course

"I am amazed at how much he enjoyed the online course. He loved the mix of games and books and activities. Even more impressive is watching him then put it into action!!"

Katarina, 20th August 2020, UK, Brilliant Me and My Mind Online Course