Our Recent Reviews

"I loved the topics and my ADHD kids stayed engaged."
Chrsiti, 3rd May 2021, Resilience Online Course
"My three year old really connected with Holly and puppet assistant Mo. I appreciated the exercises in reflection and drawing responses. My kid loved the games, especially the animal charades. It's a great choice as part of the social emotional learning curriculum I'm crafting for my preschooler."
Lauren, 19th April 2021, Marvellous Me Online Sessions
"I am so happy that my son is taking this class! We're only 3 classes in so far, but every time he finishes, he tells me it was a 10 out of 10 and the best class ever. He's learning a lot of the things that I've been trying to teach (gratitude journal, making mistakes is okay, the power of yet) but quite honestly sometimes it helps more coming from someone else than mom ;) Beyond that, the teacher is amazing! She is so sweet, has a way of keeping things interesting for the kids, and she's really created great lessons that go beyond what I have thought to teach him. There are also printable materials which I think is great. Thank you so much Amanda!"
Sarah, 19th April 2021, Resilience Online Sessions
"Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much Anna has enjoyed this course. It was a massive step for her - she is quite anxious, scared of new experiences and has never been on a course on her own before. She absolutely loved it and I am so pleased with the techniques you have taught her, as well as the fact that I am aware of them from your feedback, so I can keep on coaching her about growth mindset etc as we go. She is starting a new school in September, on her own, without any of her current classmates also going, and having done this course so successfully really paves the way for the transition."
Kim, 16th April 2021, UK, Resilience Offline Course
"My 8 year old daughter is introverted in some societal situations and not able to “free herself” in expressing verbally and emotionally. She is very obedient and always follow my order and she called me (I am her mom), the leader of the family. I really wish she could be confident about her personal strengths and be able to utilize them in different aspects of learning. Through this class, she was able to identify her interpersonal characters well and she had a lot of fun with Amanda. I enrolled my daughter in more classes because we really like this class providing really unique help for kids."
Katrina, 9th April 2021, Resilience Online session
"Engaging, informative and fun!"
Marian, 7th April 2021, UK, Brilliant Me and My Confidence Online Session
"Here’s a big, belated thank you for all your hard work with Helena at the Role Models camp last week. She absolutely loved it. What a great mix of activities and crafts – all with such well thought-out themes. It was great to be able to find out what she got up to via your daily emails, including photos – though have to say that she filled us in also having clearly enjoyed each day! Having missed so much classroom time this past year, it was great for her to have an extra, somewhat structured but fun, week of learning experiences – thank you!"
Katherine, 6th April 2021, Brilliant Me & My Confidence Offline Course
"My sons enjoyed the class and benefited from the warm/fun yet organized teaching style of the instructor. They learned quite a bit in a short time and it was a nice chance for them to meet other kids around the world."
Kristen, 7th April 2021, Leadership Online Session
"My daughter absolutely loved this class and she really enjoyed it. She said the teacher was an amazing reader. I loved 'Angry monster drawing and anger coping skills. highly recommended!"
Stella, 5th April 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"My son loves this class"
Min, 3rd April 2021, Leadership Online Session
"My 5 year old gave the class a 15 out of 10. I loved her picture of herself when she’s angry. I also like that it’s ok for parents to be there. I’m definitely signing up both my kids for more of these classes."
Lauren, 2nd April 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"Our daughter has taken plenty of online classes, but this was her favorite online class of all time! The instructor was amazing, and she did an incredible job of making the topic fun and engaging. Our daughter learned so much, and she couldn't wait for class to begin each day."
Rachel, 8th April 2021, Resilience Online Sessions
"Said loved the workshop and was focused the entire time! What he learned will stay with him forever."
Lamis, 9th April 2021, Online Leadership Course
"It was wonderful to see the children working together, collaborating and re-connecting following such a long time of being at home. The face-to-face group challenges were a great way for them to socialise now that lockdown is over and to shake off the effects of being isolated. "
Jessica, 29th Match 2021, UK, Collaboration offline Course
"Thank you for a great lesson. Great presentation with lots of opportunities for my son to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative session. This was more than my expectations as usual with Catherine a wonderful teacher both personally and professionally."
Nushin.K, 27th March 2021, Leadership Online Session
"The activities the instructor uses actually do encourage critical thinking. My child is really enjoying this class."
Humaira, 24th March 2021, Creative Problem Solving Online Session
"Superb class! The topic, the approach and the teacher are all of the highest quality. Amanda is consistently hitting the mark by engaging students in important discussions that positively mold their outlook in life and confidence in self. She makes it fun, organized, professional, memorable. Strongly recommended!"
Anonymous, 24th March 2021, Resilience Online Session
"Brilliant lesson and awesome teacher! Another great experience with role models 👌👍"
Nushin, 13th March 2021, Confidence Online Session
"Fantastic opportunity to empower your child to thrive, these are the very fundamental tools that will support your child to flourish and succeed in life."
Shay, 5th March 2021, Resilience and Growth Mindset Online Sessions
"I can’t say enough positive things about this class and Amy, our instructor. My son really loved it and was engaged the whole time! She was flexible in moving times around his schedule. This is his favorite class series so far. He has also shared his learnings and we all have benefited! Thank you!"
Katherine, 5th March 2021, Brilliant Me and My Feelings Online Session
"The teachers are superb, engaging, manage the kids very well making sure everybody is included and lots of great games and books so the kids feel they are having fun whilst learning at the same time."
Louise, 1st March 2021, UK, Brilliant Me & My Feelings Online Course