PAYE information

Identity of the hirer

Role Models Life Skills Limited (RMLSL)

Nature of the hirer’s business

Educational Courses

The type of work that the worker is expected to undertake

In-person roles. See full details here.

Online roles. See full details here.

Please also see our Staff Code of Conduct Policy and Guidance on Delivering Online Sessions.

Any known health or safety risks

Please always remain alert when travelling to/from the venue and whilst on duty and use your common sense. Please also refer to our H&S policy and inform yourself of our Venue Risk Assessment.

Please also see our Safeguarding Policy.

Any experience, training, qualifications and authorisations deemed necessary by the hirer or required by law or any professional body

An enhanced DBS check is required to become a Role Model and job offers are subject to this being obtained.

Expenses payable by or to the worker

For online courses and courses held in London, RMLSL does not cover any expenses. For courses held outside London please refer to our Staffing policy.

Any expenses RMLSL has incurred, the Role Models may be required to cover, as outlined in our Staff Cancellation Policy.

Minimum rate of remuneration and other benefits payable to the worker

Please refer to our Staffing policy and Holiday Pay Policy.

No payment will be made if the course is cancelled >10 days in advance, see our Cancellation Policy.

The intervals of pay

You will be paid fortnightly in arrears on a Friday directly into your bank account for the period worked in the previous fortnight (in line with the HMRC Payroll Tax Calendar). The fortnightly deadline for timesheet submittal to Role Models will be the 12pm on the Wednesday before each Friday pay deadline, any timesheets submitted after that will fall into the next payroll period.

The notice period the worker is entitled to receive and give to terminate employment with the hirer

See our Cancellation Policy and Staff Cancellation Policy.

Additional documents

Please click here to read our Key Information Document